Tutor Job Description

Tutors will receive training in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) theory and practice.

Tutors must follow ABA practices, as directed by the Behavior Consultant, and must respect client and family confidentiality at all times.

ABA Tutor's responsibilities:

  • Carry out the individualized lessons and behavior plans as directed by the Behaviour Consultant.

  • Work 1:1 with the child in the home/community setting.

  • Run discrete trials and collect empirical data to track child's progress.

  • Model appropriate play skills in both structured and unstructured play settings.

  • Complete required paperwork including, but not limited to, daily clinic notes and behavior tracking sheets.

  • Attend and participate in staff meetings and training workshops.

  • Organize and create teaching materials.

  • Work collaboratively with teammates, parents, the Behavior Consultant, and other professionals.

Hiring Process

Please Note that at this time, Tiny Talkers Autism Services does not employ tutors directly; however, we do assist the hiring process by connecting parents with qualified individuals.

For those individuals interested in becoming tutors with our families, please complete and submit the form below.

Tiny Talkers Autism Services does not endorse candidates. Hiring decisions and pay negotiations are handled solely by the parents. Prospective tutors will be directly contacted by parents.

Tiny Talkers Autism Services offers this value added service to our clients free of charge.

We greatly appreciate your submission at this time.

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